Renting? Here are the HVAC questions to ask your landlord.


When it comes to renting homes, renters are typically focused on who is responsible for the water and electric bills, the pet policy or other day-to-day concerns. But we believe discussing your HVAC as well is imperative to setting yourself up for a successful rental. Not only will it help you take better care of the home, a properly maintained HVAC system will also save you money on those utility bills. These are the questions you should ask about your HVAC system:

Who is responsible for maintenance and/or repairs?

Generally, the renter is responsible for cleaning and light maintenance throughout the property, whether that is yard work, dusting or scrubbing the bathtub. But it’s always good to define what falls under your responsibility as a tenant and at what point the landlord will step in to pay for maintenance, repairs or replacement.

When was the last time the system was inspected?

Maintenance is key to prolonging the life of an HVAC system, as well as keeping it running at its best (which is when it can save you the most money. It becomes even more important in a rental where many different people may have been using and caring for it over the previous years. Ask when the system was last checked, and if it’s been a long time, call us at (800) 832-0758 to schedule an inspection.

When was the filter last replaced?

Similarly, knowing how old the air filter is will allow you to be ready to replace or clean it when the time comes—which can range from three to six months based on the kind of filter you have and the conditions of your home.

What are the options for upgrading?

Many landlords will split the cost of a specific upgrade, knowing it will improve their property in the long run, thus seeing it as an investment. So, if you are interested in a smart thermometer or other HVAC enhancement, ask your landlord if they are willing to cover or share the cost.