Mark Gardner

Date of Hire at DSCR: April 11, 2005

Position: Residential Sales

Hometown: Franklin, VA

Role(s) at DSCR: Residential sales and service

Why did you choose to work in the HVAC industry?
I spent my early years managing a large residential service operation but later found out Iā€™m more oriented to work directly with customers needing replacement or upgrading of their home comfort equipment.

What are the best & least favorite parts about your job?
Best ā€“ Working with customers to find the best possible solution to their concerns and then treating them fairly, paying attention to the particulars of their installation.
Least ā€“ Knowing there are others in the industry that dish out bad information, some only being salespeople with no HVAC background. Finding the right equipment often needs careful consideration, technical knowledge and expertise.

What makes DSCR special & different over other HVAC companies?
The focus is ALWAYS on the customer, never about salesmanship.