Our Service Area

Our Service Area

We proudly offer both commercial HVAC and electrical service plus residential heating and cooling service to a wide variety of markets throughout the Old Dominion! What we offer in terms of types of service does vary by market. Our service area includes Charlottesville, Richmond and its surrounding counties, and the Tidewater area. With technicians located throughout our service area, timely service from a technician in your area is guaranteed.


Main Commercial Service Areas

We proudly offer commercial HVAC and electrical service to the two main markets listed below. If you own a business or manage a property in one of these three markets, we can absolutely help! If, on the other hand, your business is on the outlying areas of these markets ,we recommend you contact Dominion Service Company online or call our main office number at 1-800-832-0758 to speak with one of our customer service representatives. If we can service your area, we will gladly help!

  • Richmond, VA and surrounding counties
  • Hampton Roads, VA

Main Residential Service Area

Our main residential service areas include counties and cities near Richmond. If you live in an outlying area of Richmond, please contact Dominion Service Company online or call our main office line at 1-800-832-0758 to see if we can service your residential heating and cooling needs where you live!

  • Richmond, VA and surrounding counties

Contact Information for Each Market

You can always contact Dominion Service Company online, or call our main office/dispatch number at 1-800-832-0758 if you have specific questions on our service areas.  If you prefer to contact someone in your market directly, we’ve listed our main sales manager contacts in our two main service areas in Virginia:

Richmond  Telephone (804) 745-0007 Territory Sales Manager: Aaron Tunnell

Hampton Roads Commercial  Telephone (757) 622-6906 Territory Sales Manager: Bill Iobst