Heating and Cooling Repair

Heating and Cooling System Repairs

We deliver timely, professional and thorough heating and cooling repair services for homeowners throughout Richmond, VA and surrounding counties.

With decades serving homeowners,  we’ve repaired every single part you can imagine! We know how uncomfortable things can be at home when your heat or a/c system goes down.  We live in homes also!

Here is one key difference between what we offer and what most heating and cooling repair contractors offer:

Even if you need immediate repair and you’re in the midst of a system emergency or failure, we will always focus on repair first.  We do not push new system installations on our clients, rather we focus all of our efforts on what we can do to properly repair and fix your current system, so you save money and extend the life of your system.

Our Three Pillars of Excellence

Three main key points of differentiation make Dominion Service Company a great choice for so many homeowners in need of heating and cooling repair throughout Richmond and surrounding counties:

1: Honest Recommendations

2: Timely Service

3: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

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Markets We Serve for Heating and Cooling Repair

  • Richmond, VA and surrounding counties

 Types of Heating and Cooling System Repairs We Offer

  • Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Repairs
  • Boiler Repairs
  • Furnace Repairs
  • Hot Water Heater Repairs

Why Choose Dominion Service Company?

As we are a “service first” company, heating and cooling repair falls right into our “sweet spot!”  By repairing your system properly and thoroughly, we can help give you years more life on your current system, as opposed to recommending you need a brand new system.

We don’t pay commissions to our technicians for up-selling customers.  In fact, we do just the opposite.  If we find out that a technician said that you had to have a new system when they could have repaired the existing system, we will help that technician find employment elsewhere.  We take heating and cooling repair and service that seriously, as our reputation rides on our ability to over deliver on what we promise.

Contact Us to Schedule Heating and Cooling Repair

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

If your home heating or cooling system is not working properly and you’re in the market for repair services, please contact Dominion Service company online, schedule an appointment online, or call our main office line at 804-745-0007!  From heat pumps repair to boiler repair, furnace repair and hot water heater repair, rest assured that we have the experience, availability and know how to get your home heating and cooling system back up and running quickly and effectively!

If you are a residential customer of ours, we will already have all of your information and the history of your heating and cooling service on file,  so we can diagnose your issue even quicker and get your systems repaired immediately!

If you have not chosen Dominion Service Company for heating and cooling repair in the past, no worries! We will diagnose your system issues, give you honest feedback on what you need to do/replace, and get your system back up and running!  Remember, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work, so rest assured you’re in good hands with Dominion Service Company.