How to Winterize an Air Conditioner


How to Winterize an Air Conditioner 

We created a special page within our commercial HVAC section specifically to discuss “how to winterize an air conditioner” as this is one of our most frequently asked questions!  The truth is, winterizing an air conditioner or HVAC comfort system is essential to extending the longevity and efficiency of your system, and is a relatively common practice for experienced technicians and “DIY’ers.” 


4 Simple Steps to Winterizing an Air Conditioner

While we always recommend you consult an expert who handles commercial HVAC winterization on a variety of systems each year, we know that many of you are di-hard to figure it our for yourself! With you “go-getters” in mind, we created a simple 4 step guide as to how to winterize an air conditioner:  

  1. Turn off your exterior power supply to the central air unit. To turn off the power, locate the circuit outside, open the lid, hit the switch, and then close the switch. This prevents damage to your air conditioner and keeps someone from inadvertently turning on the A/C.


  2. Once you disconnected power, properly clean the HVAC system and the area around it. Start by raking away leaves, removing any braches and debris, and then hose off the your HVAC system.  After you hose it off, let your air conditioner dry for a few hours.  


  3. Purchase a tarp or waterproof air conditioner unit cover to protect the compressor. Make sure it’s secure with bungee cords or ties. Don’t cover the unit until it is completely dry.


  4. Seal off central air conditioning vents and ducts. These areas are major sources of draft within the home. This is simple to do with specialty tape that is approved for sealing off ducts and vents. Make sure that you remove the tape prior to turning the air conditioning back on in the spring.


Contact Dominion Service Company If You Need Help! 

If you’ve tried walking through this process and can’t quite figure it out…no worries! We are ready, willing and able to help, and would welcome the opportunity to do so.  The “going into Winter” time of year is a perfect time to schedule a pre-season HVAC tune up as well.  

Contact Dominion Service Company online or call our main office at 1-800-832-0758 to ask questions about how to winterize an air conditioner or to schedule a time for us to come meet you at your business (or your home!).  With decades serving both commercial and residential clients statewide, there is no question we can’t answer when it comes to how to winterize your air conditioner!