What is the Real HVAC System?


Many people have the misconception that it’s only the visible HVAC equipment that makes the HVAC “system”.  This is naturally due in part to the fact that when we talk about heating & cooling systems, the primary focus is almost always equipment. It’s not uncommon for less experienced technicians to concentrate on issues with equipment before considering the problem may exist beyond the box.  It’s an oversight that is hard to expel after years of believing that the equipment IS the system.

In order to move past this frame of mind, it’s important for technicians to think of the equipment as only a component in complicated network of moving parts.  There are a variety of parts that are just as significant, if not more, to the efficiency and functionality of the whole HVAC system than just a piece of equipment.  These parts include properly sized, insulated and installed duct-work, electrical wiring and controls, plus thermostats, refrigerant piping and charge, condensate drains, and many more.  When these are inadvertently neglected, the consequences can be damaging.  Lowered efficiency, increased energy costs and decreased equipment life are some of the penalties associated with assuming that these intricate parts are up to par.

Technicians must think dynamically about how to provide comfort solutions instead of focusing on easy fixes like swapping out boxes.  The best technicians will make conducting performance testing a regular part of service.  This is the only way to prevent problems, and troubleshoot issues beyond the constraints of the equipment itself.  If done properly, performance testing will ensure an impressive equipment lifespan and there won’t be as much of a need for pricey replacement equipment and upgrades.

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At Dominion Service Company, our technicians will see your system for exactly that, a system, not big boxes that can quickly be swapped out as we move on to the next job.  We provide retrofitting services to our customers whenever possible if it means extending the lifespan of existing equipment.  It’s important that our customers know we are in the business of providing reliable service and honest recommendations when it comes to servicing your HVAC system.  You’ll never be urged to purchase new equipment unless it’s absolutely necessary.