Utilizing Technology To Better Serve Customers


Energy efficient, smart HVAC technology isn’t a new concept.  We’ve talked at length about how homeowners can
decrease energy costs and increase comfort with various technologies on the market.  Whether you want to cut back on electricity with LED light bulbs or operate your HVAC system through a smartphone—there’s a device or product to achieve your goal.

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As an HVAC contractor, we stay knowledgeable on the latest developments in technology to maximize comfort and efficiency in your home.  Additionally, we’re just as focused on providing superior customer experience.  This is why many HVAC contractors are jumping on the technology train using mobile devices like tablets, portable devices, and GPS-enabled software to improve customer satisfaction.

According to research from Software Advice, punctuality and notifications top the list when it comes to customers waiting for a technician to arrive.  Did you know that 67% of homeowners won’t re-hire a company if the technician is one hour late?  How about that 73% are more likely to use the company again if they receive arrival time notifications?  HVAC service providers are recognizing customer’s pain points and seeing the value in mobile technologies as a means to offer the best solution.   

Efficient Service Through Mobile Platforms

Technicians spend much of their day sorting through work orders, decoding illegible appointment notes and navigating to the next service call on their schedule.  Mobile technology has drastically changed the way a technician goes about their day, and how customers perceive their professionalism and quality of service.  GPS-enabled software, and tablets or other electronic devices, are two of the most popular technologies used by HVAC contractors.

GPS-Enabled Software

GPS-enabled dispatching, scheduling and routing software ensures service provider efficiency, and better serves the customer.  This happens by providing real-time traffic-based navigation so that the technician is punctual and arrives when expected.  Consequently, the dispatch desk is aware of the technician’s whereabouts and can re-route their direction when necessary.

HVAC service providers can easily review weekly travel patterns to confirm they’re using an efficient route, and guarantee that once a service call comes in, the closest, most qualified technician for that particular job is dispatched as soon as possible.  The result is improved response time.   

Tablets & Handheld Mobile Devices

In an effort to increase the ease and speed in transferring information and communication from the technician back to the office, tablets and other portable electronics are commonly seen in the service field, as well as the use of specialized features like CRM platforms.  Not only do these devices eliminate the dreaded paper shuffle, they provide real-time access to information which is helpful for tasks including reviewing customer history, checking replacement part availability, verifying payment, scheduling follow-up service, etc.

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Thanks to technology, HVAC contractors can sync device software to their scheduling system and program it in such a way to instantly respond and schedule a customer’s request for service.  Gone are the days of waiting on hold to get an appointment. Now, you can submit a request online and be notified of your confirmed time.  The use of tablets and mobile devices is a win-win for both parties—the service provider reduces operating costs and the customer gets faster, more reliable service.

Improving the Customer Experience

At Dominion Service Company, we believe in utilizing technologies and finding new, innovative ways to better communicate with and serve our customers.  After all, your satisfaction remains our top priority.  See for yourself—we offer same-day scheduling, customized maintenance programs and fast, reliable service and repairs.  

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