Three New HVAC Trends for 2019

Staying up to date on the latest industry developments and trends is part of how we continue to deliver excellent HVAC service to our customers. The trends we are seeing for 2019 all work together to move toward smarter, more energy-efficient, flexible and customizable HVAC systems for homes and businesses.

1. Zoning Systems

For a long time, zoning systems have been more commonly found in large commercial spaces, while homes tend to be kept at one consistent temperature across all spaces. But these days, fighting over the thermostat can be a thing of the past. Creating and maintaining different temperatures even within the same home is easier and more affordable now by using a series of dampers within ductwork.

Plus, heat zoning systems can help reduce energy in infrequently used rooms, which improves the overall efficiency of your home (more on that in number 3).

2. Ductless Technology

While ductless technology isn’t exactly a new trend—old-school window units have been around for decades—it is experiencing a surge in popularity as well as innovation. Because the need for ductwork is eliminated, ductless HVAC units are great for small homes, older or historic homes, and new additions. The ease of installation and price point also makes them attractive to up-and-coming bars, restaurants, fitness studios, schools, offices and more.

They can also work as a supplemental HVAC source to an existing system, helping to balance out an area that may struggle to stay at the same temperature as the rest of a home or building, or even giving a heating or cooling boost to a room based on personal preferences. Plus, using ductless units to “spot treat” a certain area of the home in this way can help you save on your overall utility bills.

In addition, they are often much quieter and more energy efficient than standard HVACs (again, more on efficiency in number 3).

3. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency also isn’t a new factor in the HVAC industry—people have always sought ways to get better heating and cooling at a lower cost. But now with climate change becoming an increasingly major talking point and record-setting temperatures driving utility bills around the country to new heights, energy efficiency is taking center stage.

Virginia has what’s known as a “voluntary” Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS), which is an energy efficiency target set by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions—which means utilities as well as consumers are looking towards HVAC systems that maximize efficiency. Smart thermostats and home systems are almost always designed to help increase efficiency as well.

For the same reasons, green building techniques are becoming more and more popular in new construction. And while solar panels and architectural layout are usually the most popular factors, which kind of HVAC system is installed in these green buildings makes a huge difference in the ultimate efficiency of the home or structure.

You can see that these three trends are interconnected, building on one another to make the HVAC of tomorrow more personal, easier to use and affordable. Questions on what upgrades could be done in your home? Call Dominion Service Company at 1-800-832-0758 or reach out online to schedule an appointment.