Service for Healthcare & Assisted Living Facilities


Sensitivity to the needs of special clients.

Dominion Service Company understands the severity of HVAC problems in a healthcare setting.   When a system malfunctions not only does it result in discomfort and inconvenience, it can affect the health and safety of residents.  Our technicians offer priority service and emergency scheduling to clients in the healthcare industry.

Many assisted living facilities and healthcare buildings have older, complicated HVAC systems.  Some contain several units that are connected by large, intricate systems.  The technicians at DSCR have expert technical knowledge and experience repairing complex, multi-unit system structures. 

Comfort is critical to those in healthcare environments and assisted living facilities.  The staff and technicians at DSCR will handle the maintenance and repairs of HVAC systems quickly and efficiently without imposing any further inconvenience or discomfort.  For more information on our customized services for healthcare facilities, contact DSCR today.