Professional Buildings & HVAC Management


Overcoming challenges to keep tenants in mixed-used buildings comfortable.

Dominion Service Company understands the complexity of HVAC in professional buildings.  Mixed-use office buildings come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s only natural that installing and servicing HVAC systems isn’t a one size fits all approach.  These spaces require unique cooling and heating solutions to help clients address diverse needs within their office environment. 

A shared challenge among professional buildings in regards to heating and cooling is the ability to keep all workspaces and people comfortable while maximizing efficiency of the HVAC system.  It’s the typical scenario of someone in one corner being too hot, while another person across the room is too cold.  This common problem is usually an issue of air flow.  It often has little to do with the equipment, but rather a lack of understanding of how the variable air flow (VAV) and control systems operate. 

DSCR knows that any disruption to your HVAC service can cause a disruption to your business.  This is why we make it a priority to provide timely, efficient and reliable service to all types of professional buildings.  Our technicians will arrive when expected in a well-marked van, dressed in a professional uniform, and they will carry proper identification.  It is our goal to work discreetly and cause little interruption to your operation during our visit.  For more information on our commercial services for professional buildings, contact DSCR today.