Get the Service you Need, Sans the Upsell


Don’t be fooled by a home maintenance agreement that sounds too good to be true—you may end up paying more. All too often in the HVAC and electrical service industry, companies try to attract customers with maintenance deals such as four visits for $99. Or a “Seasonal Tune-Up” for $39.99. Sounds great, right?

First of all, if a technician is doing his or her job correctly, four visits a year shouldn’t be necessary at your home. Even if it is, an average of $25 a visit simply isn’t going to cover that company’s costs. So how do they make up the difference? Unfortunately, their technicians have to act as salespeople, recommending additional maintenance, service or even brand-new units on each visit in order to upsell their customers.

But our primary objective is right there in the name: Dominion Service Company. Service, rather than sales, is our overriding focus. We believe that providing outstanding service and doing the job right is the way to take care of our customers, and we promise to charge you fairly for the tasks our technicians perform.

DSCR believes in three pillars of excellence:
1: Honest Recommendations
2: Timely Service
3: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We do not push new system installations on our clients, rather our maintenance visits have only one objective: do everything we can to properly repair and fix your current system, so you save money and extend the life of your system. That’s our promise to you.