The History of Dominion Service Company

The History of Dominion Service Company

The Tunnell family started Dominion Service Company in Richmond, VA way back in 1979, with one goal in mind:

Deliver outstanding service, value and honesty to our clients.

While we continue to evolve, improve and modernize our approach and mentality with respect to heating, cooling and electrical service, our core values, commitment to excellence and focus on our customers will never change.

How We Got Started in Residential HVAC

We started exclusively serving commercial HVAC customers in Richmond, VA. We built our business piece by piece, referral by referral over the course of our first decade in business. While we continued to learn the “ins and outs” of the commercial HVAC service side of the business, we continued to get more and more “personal” requests from commercial customers looking for residential service. After a while, we could no longer ignore the strong market demand for more residential based heating and cooling service, hence we launched our residential heating and cooling division.

Expansion into Hampton Roads

In the mid ’80s, we expanded beyond the Richmond market and into the greater Hampton Roads areas. Just like our initial growth in Richmond, we started in Hampton Roads by offering commercial HVAC service, as a result of a number of property managers and business owners in Richmond asking us if we were willing to service their properties in Hampton Roads.

Honoring Charles Tunnell

DSCR founder Charles Tunnell passed away in 2019.¬†He started with Dominion Heating and Air Conditioning in the early ’60s as a shop clean up boy. He worked his way up and bought the service department in 1979, opening as Dominion Service Company of Richmond. His values and modesty continue to guide us in the daily operation of Dominion.

Some Things Never Change

While we continue to expand, grow and improve our services, we always continue our strong tradition of focusing entirely on the customer, and always keeping the history of Dominion Service Company in mind as we look towards the future. We know that business, referrals and more opportunities will come in good time, as long as we continue to “super serve” our already strong client base, both in commercial and residential.

If we can “super serve” you in any way, please contact Dominion Service Company online or call our main dispatch office¬†number at 1-800-832-0758 and we will respond to your needs quickly and professionally!